about the studio

Studio Fremont is a boutique design studio that creates color resources for aesthetically-focused lifestyle brands and creatives: 

We provide:
- Color and social media resources through The Shop.
- A selective amount of individual brand partnerships and art direction consulting each year.

about Lauren

Fast-forward to my teenager years, I dabbled with photography in high school and started using Photoshop. Then, I started my own blog and realized it would be more interesting if some of the elements could be customized. The rest is history.

I love trends and am always thinking about the ‘next’ thing. Helping my clients envision the future of their brand or providing resources and products that help them bring to life their dream brings me so much joy. Being a designer is truly my dream job. 

When I'm not creating creating products or hunting for the perfect home decor piece, you can find me working on my capsule wardrobe (with some carefully placed pops of color) or enjoying a late-night beach bonfire with my husband Drew. 

Some of my favorite things include string lights over a backyard on a summer night, long dinners with friends and family and a simple bouquet of fresh flowers.

My fascination with design goes all way back to a childhood moment when my mom was cleaning out her closet. I realized I could use all those old Pottery Barn catalogs and Martha Stewart magazines to create collages.